Five Things All Tourists Who Travel to Mildura Should Know and Enjoy

Set on the gorgeous river banks of the Murray River, Mildura is a dream destination of all tourists around the world. This city in Australia has something to offer even the choosiest people when it comes to travelling. From the picturesque view to the world-class cuisine, this fascinating suburb of Melbourne provides the perfect blend of the country’s best flavours.

1)     The Best Times to Visit

The summer begins somewhere around December to February whereas the winter starts in June and continues until August, where the climate is comparatively milder than summer. Moreover, expect rainfall in winter. According to statistics, the peak travel time is between September to January.

2)     The Scenic Places

The Australian Inland Botanic Garden is a place that you should definitely visit if you’re in Mildura. It houses a variety of plants and trees- even some plants that were thought to be extinct up until recently! A walk in these gardens will be a delight for the ultimate gardening connoisseur. The city is that proud owner of a collection of national parks where you can be the proud witnesses of many rare sceneries. For example, Hattah-Kulkyne National Park remains one of the least touched environments that remain in the world. Make sure that you don’t leave your leftovers and wrappers if you go there. The animals that live in these parks may be extra sensitive for any kinds of foreign impurities. Let’s preserve these precious eco-systems for our future generations, shall we?

3)     Places that Offer Delicious Food

After appreciating all the enthralling views that the city offers, the next best thing to look forward would be somewhere you can dine peacefully with your family. You can find a range of restaurants online, or you can click “restaurant near me Mildura” and find a lovely place. It offers great value, friendly service, excellent food and a serene atmosphere. You can order a plethora of steak, soup, seafood and vegetarian dishes, pasta, salad and even gluten-free meals excluding the daily specials here.

4)     Jazzed-up Sunday Nights

Mildura Arts Centre hosts a variety of entertainment events. Sometimes entrance will be given free of charge. It’s most famous for its Summer Music Festival, which is one of the leading events in Australia. A variety of programs which revolve around performing arts, cinema, music, exhibitions and comedy is focused upon this festival. Keen for a relaxing Sunday night with Beers and Beethoven? Head over to Mildura Arts Centre (which is also known as MAC) for a refreshing experience.

5)     Wine Tastings

The Trentham Estate produces wines of high quality at an affordable price. There are vineyards spread over 46 hectares. The friendly staff at the estate is available to guide through their exquisite collection of wines. The best news is their palatable range of wines are open for tasting at no cost!

Before you fly down to this magnificently scenic place near the iconic River Murray, plan your itinerary well. There are so much to be seen and done here. Planning is of utmost importance to get the most out of this experience.

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