How To Dress For A Fishing Trip

If you’re new to fishing you might be wondering what it is that you need to wear especially to go fishing. If you were under the assumption that you could go fishing with any day today clothing you couldn’t be more wrong. There are several items of clothing and devices you need to make sure to wear when fishing in order to stay safe and earn the maximum out of your experience. The following is a basic guide on your apparel pertaining to fishing.

Personal Floatation Device

The personal floatation device (PFD) more commonly known as a life jacket is designed to keep to afloat either when you’re conscious or unconscious. You can be a beginner or a seasoned pro at fishing, the water can even be a second home to you but no matter how comfortable you feel in it or how confident you may be of your swimming abilities it’s an absolute must to wear a personal flotation device. There can be unforeseen accidents or circumstances that happen and it’s unwise to wade into a water body without something to protect you from the most general danger of water. Fishing can be a fun activity but learn to be safe in the process.

Sun Screen

Usually a fishing activity is better in warmer weather which means the sun will be out and glaring down on you. Especially during the summer if you’re planning to go fishing make sure to wear some sun screen before you head out. The higher the UPF the better protection it will provide you from the sun and its UV rays. This can make your experience more comfortable as you won’t be able to participate in a long day of fishing if you were getting sunburnt.

Shirts and Pants

When it comes to shirts it’s advisable to wear something that won’t get wet and stay that way because this may lead to you becoming cold during your long hours of fishing. Pick out a shirt from Tackle World Adelaide that’s made of a material that will help you keep dry and be easy to clean. This is due to the messy nature of fishing. If needed wear a thin cotton shirt underneath to absorb your sweat so that it doesn’t make you uncomfortable. The type of pants you wear on fishing can be long or short but it’s ever better if they’re versatile pants that can accommodate both styles as sometimes you may have to wade into the water and other times you may require longer length to keep you safe from the cold. Make sure there are plenty of pockets as they might come in handy for you.


Shoes you wear for fishing are preferably to be made from water proof material as well and providing sturdy support to your feet. You might also consider wearing sandals if you’re more comfortable with them or hip boots if you’re planning on wading deep into a river to catch fish.

Hats and Gloves

As mentioned before the sun can be a real nuisance so if you want to wear a hat to protect yourself then by all means you should. The gloves are your choice as well and can provide an extra layer of protection for your hands.

These are only a few tips for what to wear on a fishing trip. For more information do a more torough research on the topic.

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