Pros and Cons of Chauffeur Driven Cars

Why drive and get exhausted when you can have a smart and professional personal chauffeur? Chauffeur driven cars are an excellent way of traveling from point A to B in a professional and classy manner. And it allows you to have a stress free and relaxing journey throughout. A very smart and logical solution if you are a busy individual.

So, What Are the Advantages of Having A Chauffeur Driven Car?

It looks Professional:

Chauffeur driven cars deliver the ‘I am a professional’ message before you do. It overall enhances your company’s reputation too. But it is important to show up in a car that meets your reputation levels. A beat up and a discoloured car will not do you any good. Chauffeur cars are not only used by businessmen in Melbourne, but they are also used by hotels, for weddings, chauffeur cars Melbourne airport, sightseeing and many more.

Saves Time:

When you have a chauffeur driving you around you need not to worry about parking and other minor matters. You can get dropped off at the main door and just call your chauffeur when you need to be picked up. Likewise, you can get a lot of work done in the back seat. Calls will be uninterrupted and more pressing matters can be tackled without the worry of driving.

Looking after Business Partners:

To impress your business partners, you could lend a chauffeur driven the car to them. Clients will appreciate the extra service and it will strengthen your professional and personal bond.

No Hassle:

 Renting a chauffeur driven car is generally no hassle. The company takes care of all your needs, insurance policies, traffic, routes and licensing. You just have to let them know your requirements and they will deliver their best.

Local Knowledge and Support:

The driver themselves offer a valuable service called knowledge. If they are locals, they are bound to have a vast knowledge of the local area. They can also suggest some quick cafes and restaurants around the corner. They can also help you with your belonging and be a valuable asset throughout the day.


If the car is yours then you need not worry about maintenance. The chauffeur will handle the maintenances and services. They will also keep check of expenses paid. So it is their responsibility to keep the interior and the exterior of the car squeaky clean.


Chauffeurs know their ways on the wheels. They are smart and know better than reckless driving. They also generally follow a map to reach their destinations.

What Are the Disadvantages of Having A Chauffeur Driven Car?


The upfront investment cost is one of the major disadvantages. This may cost a couple of thousand dollars. For bigger business it is okay, but for smaller ones, it is quite difficult.


Having a chauffeur driven car is a liability. Especially insurances and damages.

There are not many disadvantages in ratio to advantages. And different people also have different reasons why they have a chauffeur. But all of us can openly admit that having a professional chauffeur means one less bump in the road. 

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