Safety Tips for Hot Air Ballooning

Flying into the air in a balloon is all the hype with adventure hunting travellers today. Many people have actually been on a plane and know what the feeling is like to be up in the air but when it comes to hot air ballooning the feeling can be quite different and thrilling. It is truly a rewarding experience to look around you and to be able to see the vista that is below you. however while it can be thrilling and fun there are also many ways in which you can get in an accident if you do not know what you are doing and what the safety tips are that you should follow. Here are some of the main safety tips that you need to follow when it comes to hot air ballooning.

Always Go Dressed Right

You should never go up into the sky without having a few layers on. You may not be too cold because you will be in a hot air balloon but you are also flying at a high altitude and will be surrounded by cold air on all sides. Therefore go dressed up and make sure that you can walk around in fields if the balloon lands there. There may be rough landscapes that you have to walk on so make sure that you get ready and leave.

You Should Be Safe From the Burner Heat

The burner inside the balloon will be really, really hit and we are talking blistering, sweltering levels. Therefore it is important that you stay safe from the heat of the burner. Wearing a hat is one good way to keep yourself safe from the heat of the burner and people who are six feet in height or taller should definitely wear a hat.

Don’t Pile In

If you take a typical basket it can hold about ten or twelve people on a single ride. However all of this will depend upon your pilot and if they say that only a certain amount of people can go, you should not insist on packing all twenty people into the basket. That is not how it works. Having too many people on board might violate the safety of everybody and in fact your pilot could outright refuse to fly you if you cannot comply with the rules and regulations.

Don’t Insist, Just Listen

When your pilot tells you that he or she will not be taking off today because the weather is bad, don’t insist that they take you. Just listen to them, reschedule and come back at a better and safer time. Would you want to get on a plane if the pilot just announced that he cannot take off because of the fog and how much he cannot see what is in front of him? No. the same rule applies to these balloons too. Don’t take an unwanted risk.

Don’t Smoke Unless You Want To Explode

It really cannot get clearer than that. If you smoke, chances are that you will explode and everybody else who is near and with you too. Propane is highly flammable and that is what is fuelling the balloon with hot air. If you smoke anywhere near the basket or inside it yo.u risk an explosion


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