Styling Tips for the ‘Simple’ Look

Simplicity has long been appreciated for bringing out a person’s natural beauty and adding a touch of elegance to life. It has become a tool employed by many stylists and fashion designer as the potential it holds is massive. Maintaining this simple or minimalist look in your daily life will make you stand out from the crowd, contrary to the belief that it might just make you blend it, it will actually make you stand out. In addition to looking best out of the crowd, dressing simply is quite easy, cost-effective and convenient. So if you want to trade your extravagant wardrobe for simpler attire, read through to find out some amazing tips on how to rock that simplistic style and look chic!

Solid Colours Are Your Best Friend

Solid coloured clothing is the key to the simple look, you can use solid coloured dresses, shorts, tops, pants, t-shirts and any other items and look fabulous with minimum effort. With the rise of the simpler look, plain t shirt fashion have emerged rapidly. People love to style a simple solid coloured t-shirt with either a small printed bottom or solid colored pants, skirts, shorts etc. The monochromic outfit has become adored by many and some may even go the extra mile to add a small accessory to brighten things up.

Jeans with Anything Silky

If you are trying that elegant yet chic look, throw on a pair of your most comfortable jeans and wear a silky top. The silk material is one that immediately gives you a touch of elegance and when styles with a pair of jeans, it combines elegance with a casual look to keep you looking smart and stylish. Suppose you have an event or party during the night-time, throw a pair of heels, add a nice bag and a pair of earrings or a necklace and voila! You have got yourself a casual party outfit. You will be comfortable and still looking fabulous.

Black And White Can Do Wonders

Anything black paired with white is just a whole other type of styling. Black and white are two opposite colours that combine to give you the most complete and edgy look. Imagine yourself in a black long-sleeved top paired with a high waisted pants or shirt skirt, this is an outfit for nearly all occasions; it could be office formal attire, evening cocktail attire with the right pair of earrings and heels, pull up the sleeves and put on some accessories and you have your outfit for a night-time party. Black and white are such versatile colours that can make styling yourself so much easier.

A Sweater with a Pair of Jeans

You can still have your fall outfits and maintain the minimalistic simple look. The best idea for a comfortable and stylish fall look would be to throw on a pair of jeans and add a nice solid coloured sweater. These would look much better if nude colours are employed as they go hand in hand with the neutral colours of fall. You could add a pair of high heeled boots to match the attire and the weather or a beanie to give yourself that extra edge.

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