Unique Christmas Holiday Destinations in Australia

Christmas is only a few days ahead. Australia’s blooming summer destinations are also a hit during the Christmas holidays. Most travellers choose places that are off the beaten track but it is still best to plan your itinerary. Here are the top unique destinations in Australia that will surely make your Christmas vacation truly memorable.

Victoria’s northeast

Aside from being a winter wonderland, this place is also one of the best places for family holidays. Bright offers a lot of fun activities suitable for all ages such as sightseeing along cafes and restaurants. Children would really enjoy feeding red deer and emus at Snowline Deer and Emu Tourist Farm and tour the farm afterwards.

Mount Beauty is truly a scenic sight to behold. It boasts untouched natural attractions alongside with its famous wineries. Children can have fun playing around the farm as you enjoy wine tasting with those finest wineries around. Never miss the chance to get a taste of their most renowned wine pinot noir. The whole family can also have fun fishing and wildlife spotting in this lovely place. For easier travel planning, check some travel packages in Australia and find one that suits your ideal trip.

Lake Mungo National Park

Did you know that the world’s oldest fossils can be found at Lake Mungo National Park? Learn more about Australia’s heritage by visiting this place. Find historic Aboriginal relics plus other more amazing remnants of the past. Aside from that, you can also know more about the Barkindji way of life.

Border Ranges and Watagan Mountains

If you’re up for a rich wildlife adventure, never miss this place. Set up a camp and discover a variety of wildlife both day and night. Take a dip at its cool rivers or snuggle up around the campfire for warmth at night. You also get to experience primeval lifestyle keeping modern stuffs away.

Lord Howe Island

This is a popular place for family holidays especially during summer. Everyone can enjoy the various activities it offers such as swimming, strolling and fishing. Enjoy a sumptuous barbeque feast with you family as you watch the majestic scenery. Lord Howe is also surrounded by lots of islands and you can definitely visit them through this place. It also serves as home to some of Australia’s unusual flora and fauna.


Discover the hidden beauty of Esperance. From stunning beaches to rich wildlife, visitors always love to stay longer in this secret paradise. There are lots of fun activities for kids to choose from such as wildlife tours and bird watching. Go on to the Telegraph Farm and observe the life of kangaroos, emus, deers, and other native Australian animals.

Manly Beach

Manly Beach is known as a top Christmas holiday destinations for families. This is the perfect place if you want to spend Christmas by the beach while still having that city feel. It is fun and cheery all year long because of the number of visitors going to the place. Go biking or boating around to explore more of its beauty.

Going out on a Christmas holiday trip need not be expensive. Try visiting these places and make the most of your holiday vacation.

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