What to Pack When Heading For a Week Long Beach Resort Holiday?

Are you going on a weeklong resort holiday? Congratulations! We hope you have fun…! But are you confused about what to pack? Don’t be! Here’s what you’ll need…

The Right Blend of Outfits; Comfortable Lounge Wear and Fancy Dinner Outfits

Your clothing is going to be playing a major role in the success of your holiday, so take a care while packing them. Choose clothing that are loose and comfortable if you’re going to a hot climate resort. Choose a few chic yet beach-y outfits for the resort itself. Our personal favourites happen to be of the Mandalay resort wear outfits. Don’t forget to pack at least one fancier outfit for dinners; your resort is bound to have one planned out for your duration¾and the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortably underdressed!

The Right Shoes; Flip-Flops and Water Shoes for the Beach and Fancier Shoes for the Restaurants

Wear a pair of shoes that will work well for your dinner outfits; and pack your flip-flops for the resort. The flip-flops will take less space in your luggage to pack. If you have very sensitive feet, or you expect the area around your resort to be lined with sharp pebbles, it’s also best investing on a pair or water shoes/aqua socks.

The Correct Sun Protection; Lotions to Cover-Ups

Whether you plan on spending all day indoors or baking out in the sun, do NOT forget to pack in a sunscreen lotion, a wide brimmed hat and a beach cover up. Most resorts will sell these to you; but they will not be the ideal one for your skin. They also tend to be higher in price. It’s also best to pack an Aloe Vera gel tube; in case you get burnt. It’ll be a shame if you get sun burnt on the very first day of your holiday; making the rest of your week painful…

The Best Swimsuit; It’ll Feature in Your Instagram Feed  

Let’s face it; we all love getting that scenic picture for the gram! Since looking good in those pictures is the aim, make sure you have the right outfit to pull off the pic. For those cute pictures at the beach, pack a swimsuit that is comfortable yet trendy. While we’re on the topic of swimsuits, pack a few extras if you intend to hit the water as much as you can…!

The Perfectly Fitting Gear for Swimming, Snorkeling or Hiking

Obviously, you are not going to be spending all week horizontal in your resort bed. Most resorts are fully capable of providing you with other entertainment; be that its shows or adventure sports. If you’re interested in exploring the underwater world, be sure to pack your own gear for it. Again, you might be able to hire/borrow equipment from the resort; but it may not be the best fit for you.

The Right Beach Bag; Cute and Practical

If you’re going to spending the majority of your time at the beach, then it’s a given that you’re going to be lugging around your beach stuff every day for a whole week. To make this task less tedious, pack your own beach bag. Find one that is spacious with a lot of compartments. If it’s sand and water resistant, it’s a keeper! It should be able to carry your towels, water bottle, lotions, camera/phone and all other items… 

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